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With this program you can create autorun shells, autorun interfaces and presentationsfor your CD/DVDs. LS_CDRun offers fast and efficient way to build autorun programs with point and click easy.It is an easy way to create autorun interface, and generate autorun files for CD/DVDs. So all is fast and simple. You can create autoruns for multimedia/MP3/video, photo albums, books/documents/database or any other content CDs or DVDs.All you have to do is to set options in easy text file.

How it work?

This program is very simple in use.

Look at the screenshot. There are designated 12 elements of interface, which you can dispose on your taste on it. All tuning are produced through ini- file , which must be located in the catalog of program. All the remaining files for creating the interface can be placed into any catalog, after naming it, for example - "Interface".


So that is located at your disposal?

First , this of 6 images - background + 5 more. All images must be in bmp format and can had next sizes:

background - 637x480 px
# 1 - 90x90 px (logotype)
# 2 - 539x90 px
# 3 - 90x335 px
# 4 - 40x335 px
# 5 - 637x55 px

In the second place , this is inscription- title (# 10). Type, size, place and color are tuned.

Thirdly , buttons for control of the program: # 6- to minimaze, # 7- to exit and # 11- to start selected menu item. You also can assign images for them. Size - 20x20px for # 6 and # 7, 105x30 px for # 11.

Further , # 8 - menu for your Autorun. Color of background and font are tuned. Double-click in this field is supported.

And # 9 - here with the one click in the field # 8 will be show the description of the equivalent menu item. For it you must prepare somewhat corresponding html-pages. With their preparation do not forget to indicate the color of background. And also we recommend to assign colors for the scroll-bar (strip of warming up), then it not will strike out.

Now let us have a talk about the file of tuning. This is how it appears -

[ img ] ; way to figures *
back=img\back.bmp ; background lies at folder img and is called back.bmp
logo=img\logo.bmp; logotype - # 1
top = ; upper image # 2. If it is not necessary, simply nothing write
bottom =; lower image # 5
left =; left image # 3
center = ; central image # 4
close=img\close.bmp ;button for the closing # 7
min=img\min.bmp; button for the displacement # 6
open=img\open.bmp ; button for the starting of the program, selected into # 8

[cd title] ; tuningfont for the title of # 10
text=Autorun for CD ; text for title
name=Times New Roman ;type
color=clLime ; color **
size=25; the size
top= ; position - count of pixels from top
left= ; position - count of pixels from left

[ menu font ] ; tuningfont and background for menu
back=clGradientActiveCaption ; the color of background
name=Times New Roman ; font type
color=clHighlight ; font color
size=15 ;font size

[ start ] ; the home page, which is shown by the first
start=start.html ; with the starting of program into # 9

[ menu ] ; the menu items- only text - # 8
0=Star Wars: EpisodeIII ; begin from 0

[ links ] ; reference to the pages, which are opened into # 9
0=Interface\SW3_ENG\sw3.html // with the click into # 8

[ files] ; the files, which are started with the pushing of the button # 11

* Through "; " are shown the comments - delete it from the final file of tuning .
** Table of possible colors included in help file.

As you see, there is no problems whith tuning.
Note , if to you is not necessary any of the elements, image or title inscription, simply leave the appropriate parameter ini-file empty.

When all interface files will be ready, just burn it on your own CD/DVD.

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